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Auto Doser
Model: AD-50-1

Auto-Doser AD-50-1 are designed for dosing of agricultural products ( potatoes, onion, etc) into knitted sleeves, box pallets, bags for cases. The material shall be clean and sorted out for the operation to be smooth and trouble free. The minimum size of fruits is 20mm,the maximum size of fruits is 120mm. The average effective volume of the hopper in which a dose is weighed is 70dm3 (this corresponds to 50Kg) of potatoes of size ca.70 to 90mm).

The weight of dose can be adjusted by 0.01Kg in the range of 5 to 50Kg.

The device can work as a last stage of an afer-harvest assorting line,Or it can work alone.

One person is sufficient for its operation.

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