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Acclivitous Conveyor

This kind of conveyor is used mainly to convey the solid food ,such as rice ,chip potato ,candy, vegetable, etc. The conveyor is made of 304 stainless steel and plastic (PP), which is hygienic and healthy.

Comparing with the traditional conveyor this conveyor is connected through the gear, so the conveyor is stable, wearable and water-fast. The baffle design prevents the object falling off. The conveyor is easy to  install, wash and maintenance.         

Acclivitous Conveyor(II)


Technical specification:

Model No. Acclivitous Conveyor
Material #304 Stainless Steel
Production Capacity 4-10m3/H
Machine Height 3520mm
Machine Weight 600-800KG
Voltage AC 380V three phase.50Hz
Power 1.5KW
New design of Acclivitous Conveyor (II) can save much space and achieve larger conveying capability.

Structure with long hole let clean job more easy.


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